What's The Buzz?

Follow the adventures of The Badger and 
The Bee on our Youtube channel !

From idea to Apiary! We are documenting every step you would go through if you decide to keep bees. Follow our adventures of setting up hives and keeping bees! It has been 25 years since I kept bees and it is time to start again! Each short video will cover my (The Badger) real-time adventure with my friend Lisa (The Bee) who is just learning the combs! It's time to buy some hives and get some bees!

Episode Links Guide

What this channel is about

Episode #1 The Idea

Episode #2 Putting the Beehives Together - Part 1

Episode #3 Putting the Hives Together - Part 2

Episode #4 The Equipment

Episode #5 Buzz Park

Episode #6 Bee Q and A at the Park

Episode #7 Transport Hives, Tools and "Name the Queens!"

Episode #8 Packaged Bees vs Nucs

Episode #9 Queens Nucs and the Prep for the Move

Episode #10 The Bees Arrive!

Episode #11 Moving the Bees into the Hives

Episode #12 The First Week Inspection

Episode #13 Swarm traps and Observation Hives

Episode #14 The Trouble With Cleo

Episode #15 Coco and the Beetle Traps

Episode #16 Emergency Split and Queen Piping!

Episode #17 The Swarm!

Episode #18 Reverse Split and Cooling Hot Bees

Episode #19 Bee hunts for Queen Cells and "Anger Wings"

Episode #20 A New Queen! (or two)

Episode #21 "Game of Combs" Where did the queen go?

Episode #22 The Mystery of Troy

Episode #23 Musical Combs!

Episode #24 A 18+ Year Old Feral Beehive!

Episode #25 Follow up on "Musical Combs"

Episode #26 Digging into Our Feral Hive for the First Time!

Episode #27 Three Rockin' Hives and One in Trouble

Episode #28 Mesopotamian Queen ?