DAE Lighting at Maggio's Ballroom (The Ripcords)

In this case, we augmented a small PAR show using 3 intelligent lights located near the floor behind the band as there was no rear truss. We chose to project to the ceiling. The lights used allow for seven diachronic color filters, five gobo patterns, prism beam splitting as well as full horizontal and vertical control.  In this case the lights were "ganged" and operated together, but each light can be controlled separately. Independent programming can be done to set up effects at the time of "Sound check."   Most of the photos on this page were taken with flash, which reduces the contrast seen at the live show.

(Somewhat of a goofed picture below) The lighting was controlled by a small computer based console that was at the side of the stage. The controller can be located anywhere in the room. We provide our own operators on each show as the learning curve is impractical on motion based systems.

Here is an example of the effect produced by using the light from above from the manufacturer's website.