DAE Concert Lighting NOTES

Notes about Truss and Lifts:
The primary consideration in any rigging, including floor supported systems, is safety. We reserve the right to substitute rear vertical truss trees if we feel an overhead truss can not be used in certain situations. This decision will be made by our on site crew.
To utilize a truss, a solid flat and stable floor must be available for the lifts. They can not be erected on a riser. Our lift of choice is the L16. Paired, they have a one-half ton capacity. When used with a 24 foot back truss, the lifts are placed on centers spaced 21 feet apart, 10.5 feet on either side of the center of the stage.  

These lifts can be placed behind the stage risers if the dimensions shown at right can be maintained. 

When light weight systems are used (pars, 2 movers) the truss can be extended to 32 feet and the lifts moved out to provide a clear center span.