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Homework and Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS from February 13 rehearsal

***Reminder: if you miss a rehearsal, come early the day you are back and get any markings for your music that you missed***

Here’s what we reviewed tonight:

1) “You Will Be Found” - all listened to the piece up to measure 42; reviewed measures 22 thru 42;
note the syncopation in the rhythms

2) “Our Time” - reviewed measures 37 thru End,
Director’s notes: rests are critical in this piece; sing with a feeling of anticipation

3) “One Voice”- beginning thru measure 21, all listened to the song on our website and then
everyone sang the Soprano line ( melody) to hear the anthem.
**Homework: beginning at letter B, review your part ( learn harmonies) thru the end of the song

4) “Africa “- we reviewed thru measure 77.
**Homework: review your part in remainder of song

**Look at “The Wells Fargo Wagon” - we will start learning next week

**Continue to listen to the Learning tracks**


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