2008 Witness Reloaded !

08_01.jpg (177902 bytes)
Initial lighting setup
08_02.jpg (47428 bytes)
1982 Witness Marquee, restored and upgraded for black light  
08_03.jpg (78211 bytes)
New found fans Sheila and Justin help out
assembling high power black lights
08_04.jpg (123670 bytes)
Stage Nearing Completion.
Our goal was to turn a banquet hall into
a Rock Club for one night
08_05.jpg (130629 bytes)
JD & Mark Allen
08_06.jpg (129279 bytes)
Michael during soundcheck
08_07.jpg (123081 bytes)
Michelle & L Roy
08_08.jpg (128637 bytes)
Worst Picture Ever Taken of Sandi !
08_09.jpg (194089 bytes)


08_10.jpg (182351 bytes)
Final Prep

08_40.jpg (66524 bytes)
Drives a LOT better 
than the old Witness Truck!

08_12.jpg (135956 bytes)
End of night shot.. The "old" gang !
(But NOT too old to Rock and Roll)

(Pictures at sides, cell phone shots, small only)



More to come!