DAE Concert Lighting Packages

ID# Description


Intelligent Lighting

LA01 Lighting augmentation only Two motion based lights* (floor mounted,) DMX controller, 3D operator, all connecting cables.
Includes a two station Clear-com communication system.
LS02 12K / 16 light stage lighting plot with rear truss, lifts, front truss-stands, and Motion Lights Rear truss with Eight 1000 watt PAR 64’s, Two motion based lights*, lifts, Two eight foot vertical truss stands with Eight 600watt PAR 56’s, DMX control system, 3D operator for full system, all connecting cables, 80 feet of power feed. See Examples   Important notes about truss and stands

Standard Stage Lighting

LS01 12K / 16 light 
stage lighting only
Rear truss with Eight 1000 watt PAR 64’s, lifts, Two eight foot vertical truss stands with Eight 600 watt PAR 56’s, DMX control system, operator, all connecting cables, 80 feet of power feed.
Important notes about truss and stands
4KADD Additional Lighting  Adds Eight 600 watt PAR 56’s to the LS01 or LS02 shows, for 16K / 24 light total
SS01 Simple Stage Lighting Two front eight foot vertical truss towers with a total eight 600 watt PAR 56’s, DMX control system, operator, all connecting cables, 80 feet of power feed.
FS01 Follow Spot Only Rental Lycian 1209 HMI follow spot with operator. When combined with our stage lighting packages also includes a two station Clear-com communication system.
DYI01 Do it Yourself 
Two Tree 4800 watt Show
(2) Light-weight 8 foot light stands
(2) Par bars, each with four 600 watt par 56 lamps.
(2) Dimmer packs, each draw 20 amps
(8) Gel frames with a basic assortment of color.
(1) Eight channel board with 100 foot control cable & ac adapter
(1) Additional 50 foot control cable
(2) 80 foot 12 gauge power cables
(2) Four channel power extension cables.
(1) Helpful tips book


Discounts and Pricing:
* Packages specified with Two motion lights are sent out with three to increase reliability.  Third light is usually put to use!
Call for Pricing. Pricing is based on a single show. Additional shows, additional nights, and combinations of packages are available at a significant discount. 
If you have a customer access number, you can view our current rates Here.


Customer is responsible for any “House Electrician” or “Company Switch” fees that may be require.
Lighting contractor cannot be responsible for any “Acts of God” or problems generated beyond our control. Resolve is limited to partial or complete refund of fees charged. 
Electrical Requirements:

DYI01 Requires two 20 amp outlets.

FS01 Requires one 20 amp outlet.

LA01 Requires one 20 amp outlet.

SS01 Requires two 20 amp outlets but is better ran off of a Company Switch (see below)

The above figures are additive. In other words if you are adding a follow spot and motion based lights to the SS01 show, the total requirement would be four 20 amp circuits, or a company switch. 
Company Switch considerations

Most venues that deal with professional lighting systems will have something known as a “Company Switch” or theatrical disconnect. This is basically a power box near the stage or backstage area that is used by traveling shows for obtaining power. Other venues may chose to have a house electrician available to take care of any power needs. Some venues charge fees for these services. If this is the case, you are responsible for making sure that these fees are paid to the venue in advance of the show so that power is available. We cannot run a show without power.

Generally, the company switch is terminated with E1016 style 400 amp Cam-Lok® connectors. This is what we are equipped with. In other cases, a house electrician may request Cam tails to tie in. Either is fine and we carry both with our shows. 

Some smaller venues may not have needed this before and may not have any provisions. We can set up a temporary Company Switch for that night, or they can chose to have one installed prior to the day of the show. The recommended size for a small venue Company Switch is 100 amps, three phase power at 120 volts. (3 legs on separate phases of 100 amps each) An alternative for locations with single-phase power is 2 legs of 100 amps each at 120 volts, with 240 volts between the legs. 

Our own needs are far more modest.

LS02 Two legs of 80 amps 120 volts each, single or three phase power.

LS01 Two legs of 60 amps 120 volts each, single or three phase power.

It is possible in some applications to operating the motion lights, follow spot, and some of the stage lights off of four local 20 amp circuits if a 50 amp 4 blade range or deep fryer receptacle is available for the main dimmers. This should only be done as a last resort and results cannot be guaranteed. 

Temporary Company Switch: This can be done by our crew or the house electrician. Basically, a circuit breaker is added for the night, and then removed at the end of the night restoring the panel to its original condition.


Pictures from an LS02 Show

In this show, an LS02 was set up using a rear Truss and two eight foot Truss Stands.

Additional Augmentation was added.

Full lighting for the night included:

  • 8 Par 64 cans (1kw)

  • 16 Par 56 cans (600w)

  • 3 Moving lights

  • 4 Color Changers

  • Lycian 1209 Follow Spot

Truss stands can either be 8' or 12' in height. 
Due to the 11' ceiling, the 8' configuration was used.

Truss and stands are more visible in this picture, where the act's equipment has been added.

The backdrop pictured was supplied by others.


The following are performance pictures from that night to show approximate light output comparisons between the Par lights, Movers, and Follow Spot. 

A fog machine was used to produce the beaming effects for the lights. 

The beam effect on all lights, no mater what the size, will only occur if there is particulate matter (smoke, fog, haze) in the air. 

The level of that effect is directly proportionate to the amount of matter in the air. 

Fog equipment can be supplied, but some venues use fire detection equipment which may react as if it is smoke. 

Check with your venue operator before using this effect.

Pictures are courtesy of Witness-Rocks.com  2008 MLCT performance.  For more pictures, visit the link.