DAE Concert Lighting

Founded in 1971, DAE has done over 2600 concerts and shows. In the 1970's and 80's DAE was a major supplier of concert grade follow spots 
(known as Super Troupers) in addition to providing great on stage lighting. 

DAE Lighting in the 21st Century:

We now provide Intelligent Lighting systems for show augmentation. Often people call these VariLights, but actually that is a brand name like Xerox or Kleenex. Intelligent Lighting equipment is being built by many companies. We use Chauvet. 

Sometimes called "Moving Yoke" lights, these lights contain a dozen motors that change the whole function of the light on the fly. They are powered by a white-hot arc bulb (below right) and are controlled by a computer as well as a computer based lighting console. 

Show augmentation can be done at a very reasonable price. The basic package includes Two Lights, a controller, and an operator. In this simple mode, the lights can be placed on the floor facing up through the band or other act. The lights can also be truss mounted facing down from the rear, but your trussing should be able to handle the weight of these units along with a safety factor as they are a moving load. (Recommended load factored at 600 pounds) Our operator will work with your lighting designer to program a show that will fit the style and effect you are trying to achieve.

IMG_1387.JPG (82336 bytes)

We also provide Stage Lighting Packages including Lighting, Trussing, Lifts, Towers, Dimmers, Operators, Communications, and Follow Spots.